ImageDoctor | Digital Photography & Digital Retouching

What I do:

I use the uploaded file or scan of your image and retouch this, leaving your original photo intact.

My restorations can include color correction, improvement of contrast, touch up of blemishes and repair of major cracks or even missing portions of the picture. I can also add or remove people or elements, correct perspective, add stylized effects and more. If you can imagine it, I can probably do it.

Some examples of damages we repair :
Faded,¬†Yellowed, Color Shifting, Scratches, Dust, Warped Images, Areas of photo missing or significantly damaged. And much more…

Digital Retouching:

Additional Retouching services include: Replacing large areas of photo missing or significantly damaged, restoring or adding missing faces, adjusting lighting effects, color modification, adding make-up, glamorize and lighting enhancements.

Image Manipulation:

Additional Image Manipulation services include: Adding a person or object into a photo, removing a person or object from a photo, body changes such as slimming, enhancing, removing facial lines or full digital facelift, background changes, image manipulation for Illustration and more.

Digital Illustration:

Video Editing: